Civil Youth‘s new studio album Conversation is now streaming in its entirety, take it in below courtesy of idobi. Singer Michael Kepko said of the effort:

“With this album, we’ve shared with you some of the darkest parts about ourselves in hopes that you can relate and never feel you are alone. Take these words and make them yours. After all, we’re in this together.”

The record hit stores yesterday and is available for purchase via iTunes.

Conversations track listing:

1. “502 (Sides)”
2. “Belief”
3. “When We Collide”
4. “Dark Debts”
5. “Just Set Fire”
6. “Between Me & You”
7. “Stay”
8. “Echoes”
9. “Let You In”
(feat. Bradley Walden)
10. “Jaded”
11. “Part Of Me”
12. “Vacancy”
13. “Conversations (These Ghosts)”

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