Band: Chat Pile
Song: “The Mask”
Director: Juan Vargas
Album: God’s Country
Release Date: July 29th, 2022
Label: The Flenser

Bassist Stin said of the track:

“We have a very good friend who wrote a book loosely inspired by the killing spree committed by Roger Dale Stafford in Oklahoma in the late Seventies. Raygun based the song on the book so it’s a bit of a “picture within a picture” take on the events that took place. It’s one of the most outwardly dark songs on the album for sure.”

Of the video, he adds:

“The video was made by Jaun Vargas, and the concepts and visuals are all completely his. The video doesn’t relate to the song at all by design — the idea being to take a more ethereal, abstract approach to the visuals. Mark my words, we’ll never make a literal music video and you’ll never see our dumbasses dancing around in them either!”