Chaos Echoes 1

Official press release:

With its outstanding and truly unique debut full-length album, Transient – released earlier this year to critical acclaim by Nuclear War Now! Productions – France’s Chaos Echoes made a very strong case for the album of 2015. However, with its influences drawing as heavily from the experimental realm as from the domain of metal, what is less certain is in which category the award would be given. Unlike your typical death metal band, the lasting imprint that Chaos Echoes leaves on the listener is owed not simply to a linear series of formulaic, prearranged riffs, but instead to a tapestry of interwoven textures, both oppressively heavy and hauntingly subtle, that are primarily born from improvised rehearsal sessions.

Prior to the release of Transient, the band’s formative years yielded a series of three limited releases that, while worthy in their own right, also now serve to retrospectively shed light on the improvisational, creative process that resulted in the early EP Tone of Things to Come and this year’s masterpiece album. Nuclear War Now! is again honored to partner with Chaos Echoes in the reissue of these three releases on 12″ vinyl, known heretofore collectively as The Occursus Series. Each volume is set for international release on December 15th via Nuclear War Now! Productions.

The earliest of these recordings, Parisian Sessions/Rehearsal I, documents the very first session that Chaos Echoes ever played in January 2012. The four improvisations contained within were developed following the blueprint drawn by brothers and bandmates, Ilmar and Kalevi Uibo. “Weather the Storm”, as recorded in this rehearsal session, is an embryonic version of the same song that later evolved and was re-recorded as the final track on the Tone of Things to Come EP.

Parisian Sessions/Rehearsal I track listing:

1. “Funeral Free”
2. “Silencio Tomba”
3. “Erratic”
4. “Weather the Storm”

Chaos Echoes 2

Several months later, in August of the same year, the Duo Experience/Spectral Affinities recording emerged from a session involving only Ilmar and Kalevi as a duo. This sort of minimalist arrangement was envisioned early in the band’s existence, as it was agreed upon from the outset that the composition of Chaos Echoes would take many forms depending on purpose and circumstance. Duo Experience/Spectral Affinities offers a different facet of Chaos Echoes’ music, which in this case is characterized by the experimental ambiances and soundscapes of entirely free-form improvisations.

Duo Experience/Spectral Affinities track listing:

1. “Occurrence”
2. “Between Doors”
3. “The Elders”
4. “Moving Soil/Sand”
5. “Moving Soil/Dust”

Chaos Echoes 3

The third and final installment in this series, A Voiceless Ritual, was recorded live at La Boule Noire in Paris on September 28, 2013, as a testimony of the band’s first concert with a full lineup. The set consisted of instrumental versions of four songs from the Tone of Things to Come EP, all rearranged for the live set, in addition to a brand-new and fully-improvised track entitled “Interzone III: La Boule Noire”.

A Voiceless Ritual track listing:

1. “The Innermost Depths of Knowledge”
2. “Interzone III: La Boule Noire”
3. “Rise”
4. “Black Mantra”
5. “Weather the Storm”

Chaos Echoes 4

Given that all three of these releases were originally available on either cassette or CD-R in very limited numbers (100, 50, and 50 units, respectively), this vinyl release of The Occursus Series promises to bring the genius of Chaos Echoes to a wider audience. Furthermore, the larger vinyl format offers an enhanced canvas on which the artwork of the band’s own Stefan Thanneur (bass/vocals/effects) can be displayed, thus accentuating the inseparable connection between the band’s musical and visual elements and resulting in the most fitting reissues of the most deserving experimental metal band in existence.