Saginaw, MI metalcore quartet Change Is dropped their debut full-length titled Insomnia today. The effort is currently streaming in its entirety and can be heard above. Frontman Calvin Banning said of the record:

“The concept behind the album is that each song represents a reason why I was up late and why life just seemed to turn gray. I decided to call the album Insomnia because all of these issues came to me at once, causing the sleepless nights that tested my limits.”

The album can be purchased digitally via the band’s Bandcamp. A CD version limited to 300 copies is also available and can be found here.

Insomnia track listing:

1. “Eternal Sleep”
2. “False Psyche”
3. “Cold Shoulder”
4. “5 Months”
5. “Loss” (ft. Devin MacGillivray of Yüth Forever)
6. “Insomnia”
7. “Ready to Turn In”
8. “Set the Fire”
9. “Haunted”
10. “‘Til June”

Change Is 1

[via New Noise Magazine]

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