Band: Cerberus
Song: “Tekilla”
Album: FIRE!
Release Date: July 12th, 2019
Label: Self-released

Frontman Paul Wrath said of the new track:

“This song is a completely different approach to anything we have done or heard so far, we wanted to incorporate our Mexican roots but not in the style that most Mexican bands are doing it, so we decided to make a party anthem! Our country is famous for its parties, people from all around the world come here to have fun and drink Tequila while listening to Mariachi music! So we wanted to show the world how we see it and how we feel about it in a Heavy Metal way. Tequila is the best medicine for a broken heart, makes the pain go away, that’s why we spelled it Te-KILL-a because it kills the pain, the grief, helps you have some fun on difficult times, its miraculous!… until the next morning! Haha.”


[via New Noise Magazine]