Centipede 2

Photo by: Hemmo Rättyä

Official press release:

Sarnath is Centipede debut full length album that resumes from where the band left off with their previous Brazen Bull EP. 8 songs of heavy stoner metal brings together the different sides of Centipede: slow stomping and fast pummeling. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, part of the record forms a story of a doomed city that also gives its name to the album.

In addition to a digital release there will be a small batch of CDs and with the record release a two-song 12″ vinyl single that comes with a download code for the whole album. The album is scheduled for release March 4th 2016 by Inverse Records.

The band have released a promo for the record that also serves as a stream of the album’s opening track “Drown”. You can listen to the song below.

Sarnath track listing:

1. “Drown”
2. “The Unspoken”
3. “Frostbite”
4. “Abyssal”
5. “Black Mead”
6. “Beacon Of The Profane”
7. “Midwinter Wolves”
8. “Sarnath”

Centipede 1

Centipede lineup:

Markus Nurminen – Guitar, vocals
Ville Pirhonen – Bass
Eero Wallenius – Drums