Cattled Decapitation are streaming their new track “Cannibalistic Invasivorism”, a previously unreleased track that is being released as a flexi disc with the August issue of Decibel. Frontman Travis Ryan said of the song:

“One thing we learned from our last couple albums was that an album’s flow can make or break an album and it’s an often overlooked part of the album-making process. We ended up with a couple songs that got squeezed out of the album’s flow that were naturally then deemed ‘bonus tracks,’ and the track ‘Cannibalistic Invasivorism’ was one of them. It’s a song about doing away with pestiferous, invasive species of life through eating them, similar to the invasivorism movement by culinary artistes who use things like snails, squirrels, etc., or any animal/insect that need their numbers thinned down in any given area or ecosystem to have a positive impact on the region. Of course, in the ‘turning the tables’ nature of Cattle Decapitation, in this song we find the target being the single most invasive species on planet earth: the human being. Enjoy!”

You can order the issue and get your copy of the flexi disc here. The song will not be featured on the band’s forthcoming studio effort The Anthropocene Extinction, which will be out on August 7th through Metal Blade Records. Pre-orders of the effort are available in various bundles and formats here.

[via MetalSucks]

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