Cassette Store Day is back for year two and is set to feature over 200 releases in the cassette tape format. The event has been scheduled worldwide for September 27th. You can check out the list of releases, stores, and events at the CSD website.

As a music collector I think this is a pretty sweet and nostalgic thing. It hadn’t really occurred to me that, like vinyl, there might be a cassette resurgence. At least the idea of it never crossed my mind until I saw Skeletonwitch’s ultimate bundle for Serpents Unleashed, that came with the album in cassette format. This will definitely be something I’m just going to have to partake in from here on out. Though I never purchased tapes growing up – at the time the world was making the switch to CDs so cassettes weren’t as prevalent in stores anymore – I did listen to cassettes. It might have just been children-related stuff but hey, it counts!

Anyway, below is a list of the metal releases getting the analog treatment for the day.

1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Season Of Mist)
Weedeater – Sixteen Tons (Season Of Mist)
Weedeater – …And Justice For Y’All (Season Of Mist)
Enslaved – Riitiir (Nuclear Blast)
Exodus Exhibit – B-The Human Condition (Nuclear Blast)
Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness (Nuclear Blast)
Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – Dark Roots of Earth (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – The Formation of Damnation (Nuclear Blast)