Band: Carcosa
Song: “Restless”
Director: Á’a:líya Warbus & Salish Legends Media
Album: “Restless” (single)
Release Date: July 27th, 2022
Label: Blood Blast Distribution

Singer Johnny Ciardullo commented:

‘Restless’ is our attempt to signal boost serious subject matter that we hold very close to our hearts. The Indigenous People of Canada have been facing injustices and ridicule since we encroached on their land hundreds of years ago.

With the recent & ongoing discoveries being unearthed at residential school sites across Canada, we wanted to speak up, show our support and stand in solidarity with our First Nations people. This song is a stark reminder that these atrocities happened and the fallout will not just dissipate. We haven’t forgotten.

To do this right, we worked exclusively with Indigenous music video directors & editors to allow them to tell their story and speak their truths. We are here to scream alongside them as they seek answers and accountability.

We want to give a huge shout-out and thank you to Á’a:líya Warbus and her team at Salish Legends Media for doing this with us and telling their narrative through this gorgeously shot video. Net profits (after production and shipping costs) made from the ‘Restless’ merch drop will be donated to Indian Residential School Survivors Society.”

The aforementioned “Restless” merch drop that the band have released in conjunction with the single will be available until August 10th via “Restless” is available to purchase/stream via: