Band: Cage Fight
Song: “Killer”
Album: Cage Fight
Release Date: May 13th, 2022
Label: Candlelight Records

Bassist Jon Reid explains:

‘Killer’ is a release of anger and fury directed at anyone that has caused wrong and is a rallying cry to those that feel pure visceral rage and need a soundtrack to that pure emotion. The song’s intensity is based in a simple remit, if you have wronged… you better start running…”

The video features Frontwoman Rachel Aspe tattooing the group’s logo on a client’s palm. Aspe shares:

“I wanted to create artwork that represents pain, anger, resilience, and power – themes of our music. The palm is extremely painful to tattoo, so the palm-tattooed hand clawing the air in a red mist does this very aggressively. I tattooed a very brave model at Evil From The Needle in Camden; the hand had to be strapped down, and it took two tortuous hours.”