Official press release:

Candlelight Records is excited to announce signing Canadian death metal quintet Burning The Oppressor and the release of new album Damnation on October 29. Pre-order Damnation here.

The band has released the first single from album, “Warrior”, featuring guest vocals from Beyond Creation’s Simon Girard.

The band says:

“It is with great pride and enthusiasm that Burning The Oppressor joins the legendary and incredible Candlelight Records roster. Working with such an experienced and professional team means a lot to us. We grew up listening to the artists who have evolved on this label, and now we are part of it…It’s amazing!”

On the upcoming album, the band shares:

“We are extremely proud to present our next album; Damnation, produced by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Shadow of Intent, Ingested, Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, Beyond Creation). As an album with heavy social criticism where the dark side of the human experience coexists with mental illness and degradation, we are confident that we will be able to make the metalheads headbang to the sound of our music.”

With their forthcoming album, Burning The Oppressor will raise the rage to new heights and pursue its ascent on the metal scene. Armed with its groove death metal, the Canadian lineup is ready to rip your ears apart with blistering, yet catchy riffs, energy and passion.

Damnation track listing:

  1. “Cannibal K”
  2. “The Oppressor”
  3. “Martyrize”
  4. “Black Eye”
  5. “Wrongdoers Of The Seas”
  6. “Crackhead”
  7. “Damnation”
  8. “Darkest Moonlight”
  9. “Seven Generations Raped”
  10. “Infamous Human Beast”
  11. “Insanity”
  12. “Warrior” (feat. Simon Girard)
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