Bullet Height premiere “Hold Together (DJ Hyper remix)”

Electronic rockers Bullet Height are streaming a remix by DJ Hyper of their new single “Hold Together”. DJ Hyper said of the song:

“When I was sent the Bullet Height material, I knew this was a band whose music made sense to me. It’s exactly the sort of music I would choose to listen to and the ideas for the remix came thick and fast. I’ve aimed to counterpoint beautiful melody with aggression and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s one of my favourite remixes of recent years.”

Bullet Height adds:

Hyper makes brooding electronic beasts – anyone that’s not heard the albums Lies or Bully absolutely needs to! When the remix came back we were blown away – it struck the perfect tone & vibe. There’s already been talk of a collaboration on his upcoming material, which we’re super excited about.”

The remix, original track, and an additional remix by ArdVersusIndustry are available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more

Hold Together track listing:

1. “Hold Together”
2. “Hold Together” (DJ Hyper Remix)
3. “Hold Together” (ArtVersusIndustry Remix)

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