Seattle doom trio Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth will be releasing their self-titled debut in less than a month. To prepare us they have teamed up with Decibel to premiere the opening track “Lava”. Frontman Tad Doyle comments on the track:

‘Lava’ was originally inspired by a Native American folklore story that talks about Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier, both active volcanos in the Cascade Mountain range spanning Washington State and Oregon. The story in short; ‘Where little sister goes, big sister follows,’ with ‘little sister’ being Mt. St. Helens and ‘big sister’ being Mt. Rainier. Native culture and geology records have mentioned that these eruptions happen every four-hundred or so years. Rainier is well overdue. This song is basically a tribute to the force and natural powers that lay within the region and what an eruption would look like through the eyes of the life that surrounds the region.”

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth will hit stores on February 17th through Neurot Recordings. Pre-orders are currently available and can be found here.

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth track list:

1. “Lava”
2. “Empires of Dust”
3. “Unnamed”
4. “La Mano Pederosa”
5. “I Am”
6. “The Immutable Path” (Bonus Track)
7. “Outro” (Bonus Track)