Broken Hope have officially welcomed their new members, bassist Diego Soria (Disgorge) and guitarist Matt Szlachta (ex-Chimaira). Guitarist Jeremy Wagner offered the following statement regarding the newcomers:

“I’m far beyond delighted with our new members–Diego and Matt. Both of these guys are old friends of mine, and both are amazing musicians of the highest order. Diego’s history with extreme death-metaller’s, Disgorge, and Matt’s contributions to Chimaira, bring a new level of professionalism and brutality to Broken Hope. Moreover, Diego and Matt possess a true love for death metal and grind. Their passion for extreme metal was something their predecessors lacked–and it’s a most-welcome adrenaline-shot that Broken Hope needed badly. See you all in 2015 — stronger and sicker than ever!”

Broken Hope also announced the following performances:

4/11 Aarhus, Denmark | Royal Metal Fest
4/17 Berlin, Germany | Doom Rotten Death Festival
4/19 Tilburg, Holland | Neurotic Death Fest
4/25 Erlenbach Am Main, Germany | Insane Insanity Fest
7/9 Trutnov, Czech Republic | Obscene Extreme
7/11 Budapest, Hungary | Rock Maraton Fest
7/25 Steenwijk, Holland | Stonehenge Festival
7/30 Nova Bana, Slovakia | Gothoom Festival
9/12 Cave-In-Rock, IL | Full Terror Assault-Open Air Festival