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Official press release:

Oklahoma City-native quintet Broken Flesh are poised to breathe new life into the brutal death metal genre with their upcoming self-titled full-length album, set to release via Luxor Records on September 4, 2015. The new album features ten brand new tracks and two rerecorded tracks from the band’s 2009 debut, Forever In Flames. You can pre-order the brand new album here: Physical | Digital

Have a taste of the heavy-hitting single “Unworthy” here via HM Magazine:

While Christianity is far from common in the brutal death metal genre, it’s a breath of fresh air to learn that Broken Flesh are just that – unabashed Christians – and they have much to say about it.

In an HM Magazine quote, vocalist Jacob Mathes – who joined the band only after the original recording of “Unworthy”, tells listeners about the story behind the song and his thoughts on the newest version:

“A fun fact not many are aware of is that the members of Broken Flesh are responsible for me having a relationship with Christ. I was friends with them before I joined the band and began to get close with them not too from the time that Forever in Flames was recorded. Coincidentally enough, my favorite song off that album was the song you are head banging to right now, “Unworthy”. So for me, it was nothing short of a complete honor to be part of re-recording this beast for the new album.

Lyrically, this song has a lot of relevance to the overall theme of the album: The struggle of the flesh against the spirit and the suffering that all of the brides of Christ have been called to be ready for, for the expansion of the kingdom of heaven and the hope that at least one person would come to receive the love of Christ in that.”

That being said, don’t get Broken Flesh wrong. While as a ministry the band’s first priority is to spread God’s word, as a band, their main goal is to create the most crushing and aggressive forms of brutal death metal that they have the ability to conceive. Mathes adds:

“For all of us in Broken Flesh, this album stands as the pinnacle of what we have to offer in sheer brutality. We set out to make the most whole-hearted, gut-wrenching composition of music and lyrics that we were given the ability to make, and that is what you’ll hear on our new album.”

Broken Flesh track listing:

1. “Valley Of Mass Crucifixion”
2. “Blood Harvest”
3. “Consumed By Death”
4. “Buried Alive”
5. “Hell”
6. “Cries Of The Dead”
7. “Forever In Flames”
8. “Unworthy”
9. “Exalt”
10. “Ignominy”
11. “By His Blood”
12. “Hate”

Broken Flesh 2

Broken Flesh are no strangers to the live scene, having performed with bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus and others. The band is performing at several Midwestern U.S. venues in the coming months. See below for all confirmed tour dates:

Broken Flesh Tour Dates:

9/04 – Oklahoma, OK | 89th Street Collective (Album Release Party!)
9/05 – Joplin, MO | Blackthorn Pizza & Pub
9/06 – Columbia, MO | The Social Room
11/07 – Lawton, OK | The Railhead Saloon
11/21 – Fort Worth, TX | Tomcats West

Stay tuned for more tracks, videos and beyond coming from Broken Flesh leading up to the release of their new self-titled album.

Broken Flesh is:

Jacob Mathes – Vocals
Kevin Tubby – Guitar/ Vocals
Dakota Whiteside – Guitar
Joshua Mathes – Bass/ Vocals
Brandon Lopez – Drums