Broken Cross streaming new full-length Militant Misanthrope

Band: Broken Cross
Album: Militant Misanthrope
Release Date: February 2nd, 2018
Label: Apocalyptic Visions/Judas Chair Collective/Psychic Rebellion

Band mastermind Niklas Holm commented:

“Growing up I was fascinated by anime, manga, and Japanese culture in general. I would watch Fist Of The North Star over and over again, which in many ways was a more extreme, animated version of Mad Max. I was also a member of the first manga club in Sweden, something that the inner nerd in me is very proud of still to this day. Roughly at the same time, my fascination with extreme metal and punk began. Although they complement each other well, I always saw music and comics as separate interests. Fast forward a quarter of a century, or so. I think we can all agree the world has changed in a dramatic way, while human behavior stays the same. Hence the title of my new album, Militant Misanthrope. Although it comes from a dark place, I tried to write an album that would appeal to the kid in me. The apocalypse can be fun, too.”


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