Boston Manor debut new track “Carbon Mono”

Band: Boston Manor
Song: “Carbon Mono”
Director: Zak Pinchin
Album: “Carbon Mono” – single
Release Date: August 20th, 2021
Label: SharpTone Records

Singer Henry Cox explains:

“This song is a conversation that sort of goes back & forth between two people. It’s about people’s unwillingness to change & acknowledge our own shortcomings. It’s a classic Boston Manor tune that we wrote for people to rage to live. We’re so excited to be back playing shows & we just wanted to have something to play that people could blow off some steam to.”

He continues:

“Desperate times call for desperate pleasures. My lyrics aren’t ‘political’, but they are about the alienation I began to feel from the common person on the street, an alienation magnified by the way the world has reacted to Covid and the lockdown, and the George Floyd murder… Isolation, anxiety, dread…”