Borknagar issue new single “Up North”

Band: Borknagar
Song: “Up North”
Director: Costin Chioreanu
Album: True North
Release Date: September 27th, 2019
Label: Century Media Records

Guitarist Øystein G. Brun commented:

‘Up North’ being the brainchild of I.C.S. Vortex, we gave his longtime friend Costin Chioreanu the full artistic freedom to make a video for the song. The only requirement from the band’s side was that we wanted visual representation and empowerment of the lyrics. Over seasonal changes the lyrics deal with the circle of live, to constancy of energy in the universe and the fact that we are all stardust that momentary comes together to be you, me and everybody else on this vast and wonderous planet. We are truly impressed by Costin’s work! The way the visuals play around with the lyrical themes is a stroke of genius. This is art in the true sense of the word, where hard work, passion, heart and soul has made this a glorious piece of captivatinge eye-candy. We love it!”

Chioreanu adds:

‘Up North’ stole my heart from the very first listen. It’s probably the best song I ever worked with, both in terms of music and lyrics. It was so strange, when I started to read the lyrics, it seemed like were written by somebody studying my latest life-experiences. Not only that, many years ago a native American shaman recommended me to follow the North Star. I guess, with ‘Up North’ I got even closer,”