Bloodlash 2

Official press release:

Bloodlash was founded in late 2011. Formed in Morelia, México when the rule of thumb leaned towards thoughtless violence, and dedication and creativity marked the exception, Bloodlash began as an act of rebellion within that context. While Bloodlash’s music displays aggression, they try their hardest to make it a force for creation and to build awareness rather than for the mere purpose of aimless destruction.

One could describe Bloodlash as Progressive Post-Metal, but the label hardly does justice to the experiment. Their directive is to always challenge themselves as musicians and artists, trying to make well-crafted music that feels fresh. Playing in-your-face energetic live shows, the plan is to challenge indifference and inspire others in the same way that the bands and idols they grew up with inspired them.

Bloodlash feeds from the influence of bands like The Ocean, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Opeth, Dog Fashion Disco, Intronaut, Ghost, Children of Bodom and various Soundtracks. Having received encouraging reviews from media outlets such as MetalSucks regarding the future of Bloodlash, and receiving comparisons to Between the Buried and Me, they have all the fire within and the dedication to their craft to get far.

Bloodlash continues cooperation with Finnish label Inverse Records, having successfully released their debut EP Drowning Amidst The Nebulae in 2014. Rain EP is released digitally December 21st 2015.

A brand new music video “Godsbreath” available in this location:

Rain EP track listing:

1. “Godsbreath”
2. “Spring, Devoured”
3. “Thunderborn”
4. “Maelstrom”

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