Blindfolded And Led To The Woods release “Meth Tooth” video

Band: Blindfolded And Led To The Woods
Song: “Meth Tooth”
Directed by: Adam Penfold
Album: Modern Adoxography
Release Date: October 13th, 2017

The band said of the clip:

“The video and lyrical themes follow a young dental nurse who has a palette for inducing the crushed, rotten, meth teeth that are extracted from her patients. This touches on the cyclic nature of dependence and illuminates the symbiosis and codependency of one human to another despite our obvious differences. Director, Adam Penfold and his team worked hard to give breath to the lyrical theme and in our opinion, Adam managed to do this in a way that represents the band’s culture of humor, color, and unadulterated brutality.”


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