Photo by: Matt Evampleff – Whisko Creative

Official press release:

Prosthetic Records is pleased to announce the signing of progressive death metal five piece, Blindfolded And Led To The Woods. The New Zealand band recently released self-released their third studio album, Nightmare Withdrawals, to widespread critical acclaim – and caught the eye of the Los Angeles based label. Writing is already underway for the follow up album which will likely see a release in 2022.

Listen to Nightmare Withdrawals here.

Of their signing to Prosthetic, the band comments:

“We’re proud to announce our signing to Prosthetic Records. One cannot go far within the realms of extreme metal without acknowledging the history and prestige that the label holds. This record deal acknowledges the hard work and dedication we have poured into this band, especially considering our geographical isolation here in New Zealand, and for this we are grateful. We look forward to working together with Prosthetic’s supportive team and the many great bands on their roster.”

Speaking on the recently released Nightmare Withdrawals, the band add:

“In conjunction with our signing to Prosthetic, we’d also like to acknowledge the incredible opportunity we have been given to physically release our third album, Nightmare Withdrawals, through Total Dissonance Worship.”

Pre-order the physical release of Nightmare Withdrawals via Total Dissonance Worship here.

Formed in 2010, a decade of experimentation and experience coalesced on Nightmare Withdrawals to showcase their distinctive blend of dissonant yet technical death metal, black metal and mathcore. Lyrically the album was informed by personal experience, namely a terrorist attack and the natural disasters that their hometown of Christchurch has experienced over recent years. Birthed into the world during a global pandemic, Nightmare Withdrawals is very much a product of its environment. The album also features guest vocal contributions from Karl Sanders of Nile on “Atop The Wings Of A Magpie” and Callum Gay of Spook The Horses on “Lucid Visitations”.

Stay tuned for more news from Blindfolded And Led To The Woods in the coming months.