Band: Bleeding Gods
Song: “From Feast To Beast”
Directed by: Sebastiaan Spijker
Album: Dodekathlon
Release Date: January 12th, 2018
Label: Nuclear Blast

Frontman/guitarist Ramon Ploeg said of the song and accompanying clip:

“We are really proud to launch our first single ‘From Feast To Beast’ from the new album Dodekathlon upon you! The track is about catching the Erymanthian Boar and bring it back alive to King Eurystheus. This was Hercules’ 4th labour of the series of 12 episodes concerning his penance for slaying his son, daughter and wife Megara (more info see below). Sebastiaan did an awesome job directing the video, which only shows some band shots. It is a real joy to work with him and he has a good and fast communication, which we like. We hope you will enjoy the video as much as we do!”


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  • Dodekathlon track listing:

    1. “Bloodguilt (Nemean Lion)”
    2. “Multiple Decapitation (Lernaean Hydra)”
    3. “Beloved By Artemis (Ceryneian Hind)”
    4. “From Feast To Beast (Erymanthian Boar)”
    5. “Inhuman Humiliation (Augean Stables)”
    6. “Birds Of Hate (Stymphalian Birds)”
    7. “Saviour Of Crete (Cretan Bull)”
    8. “Tyrannical Blood (Mares Of Diomedes)”
    9. “Seeds Of Distrust (Belt Of Hippolyta)”
    10. “Tripled Anger (Cattle Of Geryon)”
    11. “Hera’s Orchard (Apples Of The Hesperides)”
    12. “Hound Of Hell (Cerberus)”