Photo by: Glenn Cocoa

Band: Bleach Everything
Song: “Shears”
Album: So We Gnaw
Release dates: July 12th, 2019
Label: Dark Operative Records

Vocalist Brent Eyestone comments:

“When drawing up this song, I was thinking back to the era where I first met Ryan (Parrish – drums). That would have been the late-’90s/early-’00s, right at the point where metallic hardcore started crossing over into much wider popularity. It was a weird time because sometimes our bands would play gigantic festivals on a Saturday, but then be playing in some guy’s garage on the way home the next day. Often, the guy (it was always a guy) who said he, ‘had shows in (his) garage all the time,’ wouldn’t so much as have a spare combo amp and quarter-inch jack microphone on hand, let alone the bare essential PA for vocals. This was always equally frustrating and hilarious, as my band at the time had a standalone singer. So, if there was no microphone, he’d just select something random from the garage or the house and sing into it during the set, all of us knowing full well that nobody would hear it.

Eventually, we stopped panicking all together in these situations and our singer would just dryly ask the renter (it was always a renter), ‘do you happen to have a copy of Friday The 13th on VHS?’ The answer was always, ‘oh yeah, totally,’ so that VHS tape and box jacket would immediately become the microphone for the evening. At a certain point, we even began writing lyrics as if they were going to appear on the back of a horror VHS jacket. ‘Shears’ is a return to that mental space and approach for me, for better or worse.”


So We Gnaw track listing:

  1. “Shears”
  2. “Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes”
  3. “Relics”
  4. “Dead Winds”
  5. “Soft Bigotry”
  6. “So We Gnaw”
  7. “Dumb & Dug In”

Bleach Everything is:

Brent Eyestone – vocals
Graham Scala – guitars
Kelly Posadas – bass
Ryan Parrish – drums

[via CVLT Nation]