Bleach Everything announce debut album, So We Gnaw; stream unreleased single “I Killed A Werewolf Once (It’s On Film)”

Photo by: Glenn Cocoa

Official press release:

Richmond, Virginia-based hardcore punk outfit Bleach Everything has announced their long-awaited impending debut LP, So We Gnaw, now confirmed for release through Dark Operative on July 12th. Preceding the album, the horror-influenced outfit has circulated a previously unreleased demo track, “I Killed a Werewolf Once (It’s On Film)”, which is included as a postcard flexi with the second issue of the band’s own zine, which is also now available. Video clips of celebrities Gary Busey and Ice-T speaking in relation to the single have also been posted.

Bleach Everything 2012 demo track “I Killed a Werewolf Once (It’s On Film)” and the second issue of the Bleach Everything fanzine, are based on the band’s theory that Gary Busey may believe all of his films are documentaries, based on him having the same lines in multiple films. With this in mind, the band secured exclusive video of Ice-T discussing this theory and what he saw when filming Surviving The Game with Busey. On top of that, once Busey was made aware of what was transpiring, he filmed a heartfelt message to the band members where he offers life advice on how Bleach Everything should create art together. The zine features essays, artwork, photos, and more from band members Brent Eyestone and Graham Scala, as well as Colin Tappe, Ice-T, Tyler Thomas, and Gary Busey himself.

Bleach Everything’s “I Killed a Werewolf Once (It’s On Film)” is streaming with the Ice-T footage, the Gary Busey footage, and direct at Bandcamp below:

Strictly limited to 1000 copies, Bleach Everything Zine #2 is only available directly from Dark Operative’s webshop and Bandcamp, as well as through Revelation Records mailorder.

“I Killed a Werewolf Once (It’s On Film)” was recorded by Bob Quirk in Spring 2012, mixed by Brent Eyestone, Kelly Posadas, and Ben Mellott at Nothing But Noise, mastered by Bryan Walthall at StereoImage, and features artwork by Steak Mtn.

Watch for further details on Bleach Everything’s debut LP, So We Gnaw, the third issue of the zine, and more to be issued in the coming days.