Blaze Of Perdition 3

Official press release:

Polish black metal revelation, Blaze Of Perdition, is gearing up for their first tour since the tragic road accident in Austria, back in 2013. Set to start on November 5th in Lublin, the Days Of No Light tour will visit ten cities across Poland and include support from fellow black metallers Mord’A’Stigmata and post-metal act, Moanaa.

11/05 – Lublin | Graffiti
11/06 – Warszawa | Hydrozagadka
11/07 – Gdańsk | Prokultura
11/08 – Łódź | Doom
11/10 – Poznań | U Bazyla
11/11 – Wrocław | Liverpool
11/12 – Bielsko-Biała | Rudeboy
11/13 – Chorzów | Tiger Riders
11/14 – Kraków | Zaścianek

In connection with resuming live activities, the band decided to shed some light on the personal situation in the band:

“We’ve got a new band member Devasto – fresh blood. Originally he was to become our bass player, but sudden complications made him take up guitar duties, while Revenger returned to his bass.

As for the vocals, most gigs will be performed by Rattenkönig – talented and experienced frontman from the southern region of Poland.

The only exception will be a gig in our hometown – Lublin, where we shall perform with our original master of ceremony – Sonneillon. This will arguably be very special performance, so it might be slightly different than the other gigs during this tour as well.

We hope to return to our main live line-up someday. At the moment, Sonneillon is focused on the studio-related work only, while his live duties will be taken up by a worthy replacement mentioned above. Few exceptions might occur, but at the moment we are forced to continue this way. We also hope that this situation will clear up as soon as possible. It is important to notice, that Sonneillon’s vocal performance is as good as always, but his health condition demands special logistical requirements we’re not able to meet right now. The rest remains unchanged”.

    Current live line-up includes


Rattenkönig – vocal
XCIII – guitar
Devasto – guitar
Revenger – bass/backing vocal
Vizun – drums