Official press release:

Blackosh is a project led by Petr Hosek, original guitar player for iconic Czech black metal band ROOT and current member of the legendary Master’s Hammer. With a reputation of manifesting inventive and genre-pushing black metal, Blackosh‘s latest creation comes in the form of the two-track Rvouci Vichry seven-inch.

Set for release next month via Eternal Death, Rvouci Vichry — which translates to “Roaring Winds” — follows the band’s 2013 and 2014 splits with Master’s Hammer and the 2015-issued Iron Bonehead full-length, Kurvy, Chlast A Black Metal. With Rvouci Vichry, Blackosh continues along the path traversed by Kurvy, Chlast A Black Metal, which Metal Temple likened to, “hordes of demon spawn torturing and killing a congregation with twisted, murderous devices from an ancient world,” in an 8/10 review, by resurrecting the eclectic combination of influences and styles used in the now twenty-five-plus-year-old early ROOT records (namely Zjeveni and Hell Symphony) but with a more modern production. The artwork and lyrics also follow the dark but also spirited sensibility seen on Kurvy

Rvouci Vichry will see official unveiling May 19th with track teasers to come. Pre-orders are currently available at THIS LOCATION

Rvouci Vichry track listing:

1. “Rvouci Vichry”
2. “Kult Latrin”