Official press release:

Brutal Realty, Inc. is an absurd black metal satire film from award winning director Erik Boccio (Blood Bath, Wiretap Scars). Set for release this summer and starring actor/musician London May of Glenn Danzig’s Samhain, the fifteen-minute short also features Sarah Burns from HBO’s Barry and a decimating musical score composed by Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea, Corrections House, Mirrors For Psychic Warfare), Dallas Thomas (Pelican), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Corrections House, Sick Gazelle), and Charlie Fell (Lord Mantis, Cobalt). 

The Summoner (London May) is a black metal demon rocker, but that’s just his day job. He works a nine-to-five like every other average Joe — or in his case, average ghoul — and becomes increasingly disillusioned by life’s daily grind. Yearning to be more than a mere weapon wielded for evil, The Summoner sets his sights on his true passion: flipping houses. It’s a struggle at first, but when an attack from a vicious gang of competing realtors forces him to embrace his intrinsic powers of destruction, The Summoner gains the confidence necessary to achieve his dreams. 

Brutal Realty, Inc. will see release this summer. Watch for the official trailer, film festival announcements, and further info in the weeks to come.

“I love Brutal Realty, Inc.!”Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia, et al.)

London May literally kills! It’s one funny-ass film!”Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God)

“This movie is bat shit crazy insane, hilarious, and fucking metal!” – Darren L. Bousman (director SAW II, III, IV, et al.)