Black Mare releases “Femme Couverte” song stream

Photo by: Kristin Cofer

Band: Black Mare
Song: “Femme Couverte”
Album: Death Magic Mother
Release Date: September 15th, 2017
Label: Magic Bullet Records

Frontwoman Sera Timms said of the track:

“This song was written through the eyes of the ‘femme couverte,’ which means ‘veiled woman.’ She is an archetype which dwells inside all of humanity but is not easy to digest because she carries death as well as creation. She is the keeper of the black void of all potentiality and transcends duality. While she values life and wants to see her children experience love and harmony, she mourns not for death, as it’s simply a return from the prismatic human experience back into the Mother cave which holds the unified diamond mind of totality.”


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  • Death Magick Mother track listing:

    1. “Ingress to Form”
    2. “Femme Couverte”
    3. “Death By Desire”
    4. “Coral Vaults”
    5. “Babylon’s Fold”
    6. “Kala”
    7. “Inverted Tower”

    [via Brooklyn Vegan]