Photo by: Jarle Hovda Moe

Black metal outfit Black Hole Generator – the brainchild of Vulture Industries frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen – are streaming a new track off their upcoming full-length A Requiem For Terra. Listen to the record’s third cut, “Moloch”, below courtesy of Decibel. Nilsen said of it:

‘Moloch’ was one of the first tracks that was finalized for the album. It is one of my personal favorites from A Requiem For Terra and it acts as the centerpiece for the album. It embodies the album’s bleak atmosphere which spans most of its dynamic range. Starting off as a mesmerizing hymn to the deity Moloch, it is broken up by frantic, furious parts tearing everyone out of their mantric slumbers. On this track I was lucky to get Gjermund from Taake and Orkan on board on lead guitars, and his contribution really shines on this one!”

Dark Essence Records will be releasing the effort this Friday, November 25th in North America; the record dropped this past Friday in Europe. Physical copies can be picked up here and digital copies here.

A Requiem For Terra track listing:

1. “A Requiem for Terra”
2. “Titan”
3. “Moloch”
4. “Beneath a Chemical Sky”
5. “Emerging Pantheon”
6. “Earth Eater”
7. “Spiritual Blight”


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