Band: Belzebubs
Song: “Cathedrals Of Mourning”
Video by: Pyjama Films
Album: Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods
Release Date: April 26th, 2019
Label: Century Media Records

Lead guitarist Obesyx said of the clip:

“We shot the flick on location in an old monastery, snuggly shrouded by the grim Norwegian mountains. Beautiful place with grand views over the fjords and all. A bit of a pity we’re not exactly welcome back, I guess…”


Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods track listing:

  1. “Cathedrals Of Mourning”
  2. “The Faustian Alchemist”
  3. “Blackened Call”
  4. “Acheron”
  5. “Nam Gloria Lucifer”
  6. “The Crowned Daughters”
  7. “Dark Mother”
  8. “The Werewolf Bride”
  9. “Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods”
  10. “Nuns In The Purgatory”
  11. “Maleficarum (The Veil of the Moon Queen, Pt. I)”
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