Belle Haven streaming new single “You.”

Aussie post-hardcore outfit Belle Haven have a new video out for their latest single “You.”. Vocalist David Vernon says of the song:

“Lyrically, ‘You.’ is my attempt to change my perspective on what it was like to be abandoned by someone I loved in a time of desperate need. Instead of blaming solely myself as I have for years, I’d like to offer her some blame as well. Whilst ‘You.’ was one of the last songs fully written for You, Me and Everything In Between., it was a huge turning point for us as creatives. We learned a lot whilst working on this song and it left us feeling incredibly excited about exploring our future works beyond YMEB..”

The quintet’s new album You, Me And Everything In Between. is scheduled for release on June 16th through Greyscale Records. Pre-orders are available now via this link.

You, Me And Everything In Between. track listing:

1. “You.”
2. “The Carving Knife”
3. “Selfmade”
4. “Burn The Witch”
5. “Little Polaroid Boy”
6. “Hollywood”
7. “Egophobia”
8. “HighfLIAR”
9. “By Hook Or By Crook”
10. “Ghost”
11. “Me.”