Band: Behemoth
Song: “The Deathless Sun”
Director: Grupa13 & 9LITER FILMY (performance video); Błażej Jankowiak (narrative video)
Album: Opvs Contra Natvram
Release Date: September 16th, 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Mastermind Nergal said of the videos:

Behemoth has been hating Christ in different ways since 1991, and we still manage to reinvent the wheel! We’re very proud to present our latest offering to that cause, ‘The Deathless Sun’, from our upcoming new record. This track showcases aspects that many Behemoth fans love about our music, plenty of aggression and melody.

That contrast is the reason we decided to release TWO amazing videos to accompany this single release. One is very shocking…so shocking that we had to create a whole new video to release alongside it! Choose carefully! As always, I look forward to seeing your reaction, Legions. Enjoy the ride!”