Official press release:

Beating Dead Meat, an aggressive finnish metal crew has prepared something new for the headbangers around the globe.

Carefully selected from the finest notes Finland has to offer, we proudly present our latest release. Composed with pride, With Full Force brings you a straight forward ten song package that makes no compromises. Starting from the heavy and crushing “Straight to Hell” and ending with the title song, With Full Force will suit your needs perfectly.

With Full Force Coming out December 23rd 2016 via Inverse Records. The band released a single “No Compromise”, which is available below:

With Full Force track listing:

1. “2016”
2. “Straight to Hell”
3. “No Compromise”
4. “Dream for the Weak”
5. “The Few and the Proud”
6. “Posers”
7. “The Powers That Be”
8. “A Failure by Default”
9. “With Full Force”
10. “The Great Northern Djentkill”
(Pantera Tribute)


Beating Dead Meat is:

Iikka Jääskeläinen – Vocals
Niko Junnilainen – Guitars
Anssi Saastamoinen – Bass
Joona Komulainen – Drums