Beartooth tease new album Disease, new track leaks

Beartooth have begun the campaign for their third full-length Disease. The band shared the below image throughout their social media, depicting what appears to the be cover art for the release and the track listing. The band’s website,, has also seen a makeover, now featuring a simple countdown that ends on Tuesday, July 24th.

Moreover, a new track titled “Infection” has leaked online and can be heard via Soundcloud. Should you find yourself morally conflicted about listened to a leaked tune, the band themselves are aware of the leak and have provided a link as well.

Disease track listing:

1. “Greatness Of Death”
2. “Disease”
3. “Fire”
4. “You Never Know”
5. “Bad Listener”
6. “Afterall”
7. “Manipulation”
8. “Enemy”
9. “Believe”
10. “Infection”
11. “Used And Abused”
12. “Clever”