Official press release:

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets January 25th, 2016 as the international release date for the vinyl version Baphomet’s Blood’s highly anticipated fourth album, In Satan We Trust. The Italian speed metallers’ first album in nearly seven years, In Satan We Trust shows that Baphomet’s Blood have not lost an ounce of power nor perversity in the interim. Forever hailing the ancient ways, the quartet offer obeisance to the unholy trinity of old Motörhead, Venom, and Bulldozer – with a touch of equally old Razor, Iron Angel, and Exciter on the side – and thunder forth with full-on scuzz and locomotive overdrive. It’s a hellish, headbanging good time, but it never loses sight of the original impetus behind true heavy metal: ever-eternal EVIL. And although ’80s-styled speed metal has been on the rise in recent years, Baphomet’s Blood have been fighting the good heavy metal fight for over a decade now, with members also serving in cult favorites Blasphemophagher, and they have the back catalog to prove it – and one overflowing with lust, filth, and sleaze. So if it’s a Satanic metal attack you need, then In Satan We Trust and drink deep Baphomet’s Blood!

In Satan We Trust track listing:

1. “Command Of The Inverted Cross”
2. “In Satan We Trust”
3. “Hellbreaker”
4. “Underground Demons”
5. “Triple Six”
6. “Infernal Overdrive”
7. “Whiskey Rocker”
8. “Eleg” (Farao cover)

Baphomet's Blood 1