Band of Bastards stream two new tracks, “Division” & “Can’t Ya Crawl”

Band: Band of Bastards
Song: “Division” & “Can’t Ya Crawl”
Release Date: July 23rd, 2021
Label: Redacted Records/SilverDoor Music

Commenting on “Division”, guitarist Andrew Leeper says:

“The divide these days is real and everybody feels it. Don’t know how it gets better but turning off the TV sure as shit couldn’t hurt.”

Regarding “Can’t Ya Crawl”, he adds:

“Writing an album during lockdown felt like we were always waiting for the next shoe to drop. Each news cycle was more dire than the one before. There was something weird in the air that felt like it was all spinning out of control. At some point you gotta embrace the chaos, step into the unknown and hope for the best.”