Photo by: Nikolaj Bransholm

Band: Baest
Song: “As Above So Below”
Director: Karmacat
Album: Venenum
Release Date: September 13th, 2019
Label: Century Media Records

The group commented:

“We’re huge fans of Chuck Schuldiner and ‘As Above So Below’ is a glance towards Death and their original melodic approach. Chuck was an incredible songwriter and inspired musician, and we wanted to honour his work as a part of the BAEST sound. So, the intro is followed up by some cold blooded brutality. Finally, we spice it up with some pure rock’n’roll. It adds up to an experimental track, we are really proud of. The video was filmed at Copenhell in June 2019 where we played the biggest, craziest and most memorable show in our history so far…”


Venenum track listing:

  1. “Vitriol Lament”
  2. “Gula”
  3. “Nihil”
  4. “Venenum”
  5. “Styx”
  6. “Heresy”
  7. “As Above So Below”
  8. “Sodomize”
  9. “Empty Throne”
  10. “No Guts, No Glory” (Bolt Thrower cover)