Avatar have shared two new tracks, “Going Hunting” and “Barren Cloth Mother”. A video for the former track was helmed by Johan Carlén. The songs are the group’s first through their new label Black Waltz Records, an imprint through Thirty Tigers. The group offered of the new label and tracks:

“Since the early ’60s, Swedish children have grown up reading Lee Falk’s The Phantom. According to legend, The Phantom has the strength of 10 tigers. Thus, Avatar now has the strength of three Phantoms and are therefore finally unstoppable. Thirty Tigers are innovators and we are very excited to have signed with them. It’s good to work with such forward thinking people who truly understand what it means to be an artist in this millennium.

This calls for a celebration, so to commemorate this occasion, and the tour we’re just about to embark on, we’ve chosen to tear up some eardrums with ‘Going Hunting‘ and ‘Barren Cloth Mother’. Both songs tell about inner and outer darkness in their own ways. We keep sailing over dark oceans, staring down into the abyss. These songs, as great as they are, are just a taste of what’s yet to come.”

The tracks are available here (“Going Hunting”) and here (“Barren Cloth Mother”).

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