Avatar debut “The Eagle Has Landed” music video

Avatar have released a music video for their track “The Eagle Has Landed”. Bandleader Johannes Eckerström comments:

“During the past few months I’ve ended up saying ‘this is our most ambitious work to date’ quite a bit, but this one takes the cake. While still keeping it in the family we’ve created yet a new universe for everyone to get immersed in.

A fable is a metaphor to explore the human condition and we’ve taken it one step further, zooming in on one song and what it has to say in and out of itself beyond the frames of the concept of Feathers & Flesh.

This is the story of five con-men traveling around the land, selling their snake oil to the easily persuaded people of the soil. Often when we want karma to bite someone’s ass the most, they always seem to get away.

It was fun to play the bad guy for once. I think the visuals and our treatment of the classic one take-concept speaks for itself. This is one of those you’ll want to watch over and over again. I know I’m already doing just that. Enjoy!”

The band’s new album Feathers & Flesh hits stores this Friday, May 13th through eOne Music/Another Century. Get your copy now at Avatarmetal.com.