Audio stream: The Atlas Moth – “Galactic Brain”

Band: The Atlas Moth
Song: “Galactic Brain”
Album: Coma Noir
Release Date: February 9th, 2018
Label: Prosthetic Records

Guitarist/vocalist David Kush issued the following statement:

“This song is very much a call to action for anyone out there that feels like deep down there is a bigger reason that we are all here together, in this moment. You may think that the world as it stands is chaotic and full of randomness, but I would argue if you listen closely to the silence, and accept Timothy Leary’s and Terrence McKenna’s life experience as in the realm of possibility, you will find that there is an organized, rhythmic, mathematical song that is always playing in the background. Well at least it is for me. I try to tap in to that song and ‘turn on’ whenever possible and ‘Galactic Brain’ is our version of that universal song. The message is clear. And it’s not new. Be Kind. Hurt no one. Open your EYE.”


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