Band: State Faults
Song: “Sleeplessness”
Album: Clairvoyant
Release Date: June 21st, 2019
Label: No Sleep Records

Vocalist/guitarist Jonny Calvert-Andrew said of the single:

“When we were fleshing this song out in our lock-in, my mind kept hearing ‘I don’t know where my spirit goes’ at the end. One sleepless night with headphones on and a rough demo I wrote the rest of the lyrics about just that- the silent torment of a sleepless night and the worries and fears that creep in those midnight hours.”


Clairvoyant track listing:

  1. “Dreamcatcher, Pt. II”
  2. “Planetary”
  3. “Moon Sign Gemini”
  4. “Sacrament”
  5. “Olive Tree”
  6. “Sleeplessness”
  7. “Clairvoyant”
  8. “Baptism”
  9. “Funeral Teeth”
  10. “Contaminature”
  11. “Cemetery Lights”

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