Audio stream: Pyrrhon – “The Happy Victim’s Creed”

Experimental New York death metal Pyrrhon are streaming the opening track off their upcoming record What Passes For Survival, titled “The Happy Victim’s Creed”. The album is due in stores on August 11th via Throatruiner Records and Willowtip Records. Vocalist Doug Moore said of the effort:

What Passes For Survival is the first music we wrote with my old friend Steve Schwegler on drums, which makes it the first recording of us with a fresh lineup since our first LP from back in 2011. It’s something of a reset for the band that way, and we reverted to a more primal songwriting state while compiling it — we aimed to write the most physically and emotionally intense songs we could, instead of deliberately exploring new sounds. As a result, we ended up using a larger proportion of ideas from death metal relative to our other musical ingredients than we have in our past few releases. Pyrrhon‘s target sound has always been a sort of animalistic, spasmodic ripping and gnashing, like a dog shaking the life out of its prey, and I think we realized that vision more completely on this album than we ever have before.”

Pre-orders are available through the labels’ webstores here (LP) and here (CD), as well as, through the group’s Bandcamp (CD/DDL).

What Passes For Survival track listing:

1. “The Happy Victim’s Creed”
2. “The Invisible Hand Holds A Whip”
3. “Goat Mockery Ritual”
4. “Tennessee”
5. “Trash Talk Landfill”
6. “The Unraveling: Hegemony Of Grasping Fears”
7. “The Unraveling: Free At Last”
8. “The Unraveling: Live From The Fresh Corpse”
9. “Empty Tenement Spirit”