Audio stream: Interstitia – “Marzeah”

Band: Interstitia
Song: “Marzeah”
Album: Hermes Slips The Trap
Release Date: July 16th, 2021
Label: Pax Aeternum

Band mastermind Graham Scala, who handled all sounds, art, mixing, and mastering for the release, offers of the single:

‘Marzeah’ was my attempt to maximize the messiness I was bringing to these songs. More work went into the drum tracks on this than on anything else for this album – while I don’t have any problems incorporating polyrhythmic elements, I tried to make this sound like a free jazz drummer was playing it. While I appreciate the clean, austere qualities of a lot of electronic music, I’ve also never been able to approximate it. In my twenty-five years of recording music, no matter how pretty I’ve tried to make my work it still comes out with some sort of destabilizing factor – a smudge of noise, a creeping shadow, a wrong note not excised. Incorporating that approach into tracks that are clearly laid out on a grid can be a challenge but doing so helps me to maintain a semi-coherent aesthetic between pretty disparate projects.”


[via New Noise Magazine]