Attila guitarist Nate Salameh has decided to leave the band due to his decision to quit drinking/drugs. He issued the following statement regarding his departure:

“I’m making this post to inform everyone that the boys in ATTILA and I have decided to go our separate ways. I have no bad blood against the guys at all. It was apparent to the people who are close to me (including the guys in the band) that I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t keep lying to myself. It just took some recent events for me to realize it. I had rrecently decided to make a lifestyle change to clean myself of all drugs and alcohol and it is obvious that this was not the environment that I needed to be in to ensure that I live a clean ,healthy and happy life.

I’m blessed to have made so many friends and I am truly appreciative all the life lessons that the road has ttaught me. I wish the best for ATTILA in all future endeavors. This is not the end of the road for me. This past year I have found a new passion for recording so I will be perusing this strongly. I love all you and thank you

The rest of the band also commented on his departure corroborating that there is no bad blood between them and Salameh via Twitter saying:

In other Attila news, the band have been receiving some backlash over a line from their current single “Proving Grounds”. The controversial line involves the use of a homophobic slur and reads: “So who’s the faggot now?” Attila frontman Chris Fronzak took to his Twitter to comment saying:

Later in the day he returned to Twitter to further defend his use of the word with this statement:

The band’s upcoming effort Guilty Pleasure will be out November 24th.