Band: As Paradise Falls
Song: “BATS”
Director: Sam Beck
Album: Madness/Medicine EP
Release Date: September 23rd, 2022
Label: Eclipse Records

Guitarist Danny Kenneally says:

‘BATS’ was one of the first songs to be written during the demo process and it actually was one of my LEAST favourite songs as other tracks were written. We were close to doing a re-write or just scrapping it altogether. However as soon as we did a second demo and then added the vocals, it just came together. Now, it is easily one of the most hard-hitting songs we’ve written, and I am so proud of how this track came out, and how my vision came to life.”

Vocalist Ravi Sherwell adds:

“When I heard the demo of ‘BATS’ for the first time in Danny’s studio, I immediately knew this was going to have that dark, bouncy groove I could really blend with. Lyrics started flowing, mixing themes of witch trials/hunts with current issues surrounding cancel culture. Without much conscious thought, ‘BATS’ became the purest form of modern APF: hard hitting, oozing with groove, and just bullshit heavy.”


Madness/Medicine EP track listing:

  1. “BATS”
  2. “Captain Hero”
  3. “KFBR392”
  4. “Mechanical Hannibals”
  5. “TR4K 1”