Art Of Anarchy have released another lyric video, this one for their new song “Echo Of A Scream”. Check it out below courtesy of Loudwire. Vocalist Scott Stapp said of the track:

“The track, ‘Echo of a Scream’, is a chronicle of the curse of self doubt. It speaks to a place in life when confidence has been lost and you feel like you’re a shell of your former self or as the lyric describes it, an ‘echo of a scream.’ It touches on the internal dialog within the mind of someone wrestling with feeling disconnected from who they really are and lost in trying to find their way back to their true self. Its two competing voices, the negative self talk voice contrasted with the voice trying to fight it and overcome it.

John Moyer brought the initial music bed to the band and we all really liked the drive and energy so we decided to track it. John while out with his other band Disturbed played the music for David Draiman (Disturbed) and David came up with a great melody idea for the chorus. Zac Maloy and I wrote the lyrics and then the melodies for the verses and the rest is history. This song was a true collaborative effort with Bumblefoot and John Votta writing monster solos. I’m really happy with how the song came out and its one of my favorites on the record.

I’m also really looking forward to getting out on the road in April with this band. Its going to be a high energy rock and roll show that really takes you on a journey. Everyone in the band really brings a passion and charisma to the live performance so its a show you don’t want to miss. Especially in these intimate settings.”

The group’s new reocrd, The Madness, arrives on March 24th through Century Media Records. Pre-orders are currently available on iTunes.