Arms For Elephants 1

Official press release:

Post-hardcore outfit Arms For Elephants have announced their debut full length My Judas Scene to be released on September 1st. Since the 2014 release of their debut EP Identities, the band has grown into their own style of sound that stands out in the post-hardcore genre.

Arms For Elephants has also released a new lyric video single “The Laws That Guide My Feet” from the upcoming album which you can watch below or HERE. Pre order a physical copy of My Judas Scene on the group’s Bandpage or download it from iTunes and receive three free tracks instantly.

Guitarist/vocalist Fletch Archerd comments:

“We chose ‘The Laws That Guide My Feet’ to be our first single because it captures so many elements of our sound in just a few fleeting measures. Lyrically, the song exhibits multiple voices/characters at various points. Instrumentally it’s one of our more complex songs, and yet remains tethered to one simple hook in the chorus.”

My Judas Scene track listing:

1. “The Business Of Barely Getting By”
2. “The Laws That Guide My Feet”
3. “Charlatan”
4. “In Memory”
5. “In Faith And Doubt”
6. “My Judas Scene”
7. “This Divide”
8. “O, Complacent Heart”
9. “Separated”
10. “Empty Hands”

Arms For Elephants 2