Annihilator are streaming a new music video for their single “Suicide Society”. Guitarist/singer/songwriter Jeff Waters describes the song:

“Lyrically, the opening line says it all: ‘Welcome to the dark side of the human race’. Originally, the song was just another subject to write about … but when I sat down and really got into it, I actually got pretty disgusted with what we, as the human race, have done/are doing to each other, the planet and all life on it. Musically, there is a groove and riff style that I haven’t heard before in my writing; I guess that’s why this one stands out to me! We hope you like it, fellow metal fans.”

The song is also the title track to the band’s upcoming, 15th studio album, which hits stores on September 18th via UDR Music. Pre-orders are currently available on Amazon and iTunes.

Suicide Society track listing:

1. “Suicide Society”
2. “My Revenge”
3. “Snap”
4. “Creepin’ Again”
5. “Narcotic Avenue”
6. “The One You Serve”
7. “Break, Enter”
8. “Death Scent”
9. “Every Minute”

Annihilator 1

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