Hungarian melodic metal band Ann My Guard have released a cover of the song “Promise” as a tribute to the Silent Hill video game series composer and musician, Akira Yamaoka. Frontwoman Eszter Anna Baumann says:

“The atmosphere of the entire game, the meaning behind the story and the sounds that Mr. Yamaoka presents in the game have been deeply inspiring me since I first played Silent Hill. I think both the game and Ann my Guard have many things in common, for example, I think about our music as an escape from reality to somewhere else, maybe to a higher state of mind, where you can see your soul as a revealing mirror. I just simply cannot describe how Silent Hill has been so effective to me. I’ve always thought if Ann my Guard is ever gonna make a cover song, that will be for a special one. I can proudly say that we could totally reach our goal, because we didn’t only record the melody of “Promise (reprise)” but also added our own musical taste to it, with some extra parts and the lyrics”

The band recently released their debut album Innocence Descent earlier this year through Shamanize Records. Copies are available on iTunes.

Additionally, the band are preparing to embark on their first European tour beginning in October.

Innocence Descent track listing:

1. “Enchant”
2. “Grey Witch”
3. “Dark Sea Blue”
4. “Ivory Ballad”
5. “Crush Honey”
6. “Morgana’s Song”
7. “Hollow Red”
8. “My Lullaby”
9. “Easy”
10. “Hka Bitch”
11. “Fallen”
12. “Gone”
13. “Circles”

Ann My Guard 1

Ann My Guard 7