Official press release:

On July 10, Prosthetic Records will release an expanded “encore edition” of the groundbreaking self-titled debut album by instrumental progressive metal pioneers Animals As Leaders. It will include three bonus tracks — the live setlist standard “Wave of Babies” (previously unavailable on CD), a 2001 demo called “Orea” and the never-before-heard “Kalimba”, a short teaser for which can be seen above.

Physical editions of the album will include enhanced artwork featuring 3-D imagery and custom AAL 3-D glasses. Pre-orders are now available at

Animals As Leaders (Encore Edition) track listing:

1. “Tempting Time”
2. “Soraya”
3. “Thoroughly at Home”
4. “On Impulse”
5. “Tessitura”
6. “Behaving Badly”
7. “The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing”
8. “CAFO”
9. “Inamoratav
10. “Point to Point”
11. “Modern Meat”
12. “Song of Solomon”
13. “Wave of Babies”
14. “Kalimba”
15. “Orea” (demo)

Animals As Leaders 2

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